Friday, July 30, 2010


FYI I have never watched Glee. I know me of all people!! hahaha But can I just tell you I love the songs that they redo. That is why I added some to my music list. ENJOY!!

What we've been up to this SUMMER!!

We played at JENSEN'S GROVE!!



My toe that got cut!! GRRRR

We have soaked up some sun at ROSS PARK!!


I hope this was before we had to get because of poop.............

Grandma and Paige

My beautiful Sister in Law ERIKA and PAIGE


We've been playing at the park, and in our backyard!!

We have had a great summer!! We have been super busy playing while dad is at work!! My kids have really become brave in the water. I think Macee might be half fish!! We are very lucky to have great family and friends that join us at Ross Park almost every week. We've had multiple sunburns and as soon as it doesn't hurt we are back at the pool. I hope that my kids enjoy doing things like this as much as I do.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bad Day!!!

So it's been a bad day for me......AGAIN and I'm finding cute pictures to look at of MY KIDS helps me!! We have had horrible internet/wireless router connections lately and it makes me CRAZY!! I feel like we pay good money for the stuff and we get crap in return!! Same goes with our Culligan water softener. We bought it 6 years ago and it's been CRAP!! We paid almost $2000 and it has been repaired many times, but they don't have record of all the times so there is nothing that they can do we are out of warranty!! So it is going to cost me out of pocket!! Are you kidding me?? Then to top it off I cut my toe in Jensen's Grove and have been wondering if I should get a Tetanus shot. UGH!! Hopefully one of these days in the near future I can pull myself back together!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

My kiddos!!

I follow quite a few blogs and I can't help but to be thankful for my beautiful children. I have my days when I get way to upset and angry with them, then I read a blog about how someone lost a child and I get so mad at myself. Children are such a special blessing from God. It really amazes me the things that they teach us. Mine have been teaching me that my patience is really thin and I need to relax and enjoy the things around me. My children are amazing, healthy, funny, adorable, cuddly, I couldn't ask for better kiddos.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Grandpa Horse!!

Kade on the horse.
Race riding a horse all by himself!! What a big boy!!
Avery and Kwynn.
Macee posing!! What a true supermodel!!

The kids decided that they wanted to ride the grandpa horse at uncle Kendalls. So they put a halter (is that right?? I don't know!!) on him and they took turns going around and around!! Macee and Race ask me all the time if we can go back and ride again. We've been back quite a few times but haven't had the chance yet. It kills me that Race and Macee liked riding I thought they would both chicken out after the horse started walking!! hahaha This would be another one of the reasons I would love to move back to Blackfoot!!