Monday, November 22, 2010

I've been found........

Oh boy have we been busy!! Bowling on Saturdays and Thursdays, Quentin and I both working and Macee having after school activities for her family, and all the other errands and crap we have to do!! We finally got some snow here in Idaho and I couldn't be happier although I'm a little nervous because we are supposed to go to Utah (just Quentin and myself) to watch a Jazz game. If the roads stay bad then I guess we will have wasted $120, but I think we should be ok I'm sure Quentin will just drive the truck!!

Macee got a haircut a cute little a-line and her hair looks so much better now! She is loving school so much and I really hope that she keeps up the good work! She has 2 boys fighting over her at school and I think she kinda likes it! haha We have been busy with after school activities. We had BINGO night a couple weeks ago and one of the boys that likes her was there and told her "Macee when they call out beautiful girl they are talking about you!" haha then he wanted to dance with her and kept telling her he loved her! (I think he was happy his competition wasn't there.) Then last week we had a reading night at school and they had different people from the community come and read books about their professions both kids loved it! Macee really loves reading with me and got a Pizza Hut Book It and tickets to ISU sporting events for reading so much in October.

Race is WILD to say the least! He is quite the entertainment while Macee is at school. He loves to give me huge hugs and tells me "mom you my best friend ever" my heart melts everytime. I just hope he keeps loving me because I have a feeling he'll quit once he gets bigger! He loves to play with the dogs well I guess it's really more like terrorizing them! He is starting to play with the Fisher Price Little People and he has them talk to each other, it makes me laugh because it is so random!! haha Race still loves his cars, monster trucks, cycles, wheelers, and really anything with a motor.

Friday, November 5, 2010

super cute!!

I've been wanting to get a little more crafty lately and I thought this might be a cute and easy way to start!! I'm also going to teach myself to crochet those cute little flowers by watching youtube videos!! hahahahah Seriously I am going to try..........I even already got a crochet hook and 2 colors of yarn!!