Friday, May 16, 2008

This is my Little Macee Girl!! I sure do love that smile!!!
How about Racer Mans smile. It now has two teeth!!
My two little monsters they have changed my life forever!!!
Race Dawg being lazy!!!
My very own Hannah Ontanna. She even has the hair now thanks grandma Kerry!!!
This is Matt and Erikas Newest addition Paige!!!
Matt and Erikas little Tazmanian Devil Parker or Parkie Man depends on who you are!!!
Race and his favorite cousin Marlee. We are so glad they moved back from New Mexico!!! She is so good with my kids!!!
This is my favorite burger ever the blue cheese stuffed burger. Yeah it's true I'm pretty amazing. You can ask my impatient husband how good they are and he'll show you his burnt tongue!!! Silly man!!!
Some flowers up at Lindas House.

So I have had pappa Chucks camera all week and have I been having fun!! I feel like a real photographer. Macee sure enjoys me getting out the camera she immediately jumps in front of it what a ham!!! We have been enjoying this nice weather finally let's just hope it holds up for next weekend. We can't wait to go out to Summit Creek!! It's been a tradition ever since I was very young. I can't help but to get teary eyed when I think about it because that is some of my best times with my grandpa. He passed away last year on May 22 I will never forget that day as I had to say goodbye to one of my Hero's. He fought hard and didn't want to leave his family behind you could tell. After his funeral we all packed our bags and went to Summit because he told us that he wanted us to still go. I miss him every day. I'm glad he got to be here and meet Macee, and I know he picked out my little Race mainly because I told him not to send me a stubborn one and he did anyways and he totally looks just like me. I love you Grumpy!! Ahh!!! Well I better be done for today because I can barely see the computer screen.