Monday, August 23, 2010

July 3rd........Birch Creek.........Meadow Lake.

Fishing Meadow Lake

Dad out by the Lake

Fish and game stocking the creek. When we were getting ready to leave Fish and Game came by and we stopped them and asked them to stock the creek so the kids could see how it was doen. They were very happy to do it for us. They realized that since the "Kellers" had been there they needed to restock it anyways!!

Pickin boogs!!

I think this was a Bullhead Trout!!

Grandpa helping Macee get her pole ready!!

I have the best family!! We are always doing fun things together and I love it and so do my kiddos. We like to spend time outdoors riding fourwheelers, fishing, or playing games. We always have a great time, but we are a little to competative sometimes. We have started making the 4th of July into a big deal, well because it is. My uncle Kendall is so good with my kids and he loves having them around him. My kids think that Kendall and his family are the best. My aunt Steph has raised her kids to be very good with kids and they are such good sports when I ask them to chase Race around or go help Macee reach something. They are always the first ones to jump up and help me when i need it. I love that they invite us to go and hang out with their family or when they call me to tell me they miss my kids. Anyways, I got kinda sidetracked there with how amazing my family is!! hahahaha So we have been doing lots of fun events for the 4th of July for the last couple of years and it's fun to be a part of them.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Steadmans Water slides.


Keegan wants to be like David Beckham!! So he tried to play soccer........I'm thinking he needs to stick with baseball and basketball!! hahahah
We have made it an annual event to go out to Steadman's sod farm where they have an awesome homemade water slide/slip n slide. This year it started our Fourth of July festivities. My kids loved it they just ran and played the whole time. Macee and Daisy got quite the workout. They ran up and down probably 50 times. They had so much fun. Race loved jumping on the trampoline, swinging, and he went down the slide quite a few times. Quentin got to come out this year and he played soccer with the boys for a little while. He ended up being sore for almost a week from it. I wish I could feel bad for him but it's just not in my nature!! hahahahahah I was pretty proud though because the boys made a comment about how good Quentin was at soccer. He played in high school and wore bumble bee striped socks (so I hear)!! We had one issue when we were there. Macee had to go potty so my Aunt Steph told Macee to go over the hill and there was a cement building and the girls bathroom was right inside. Well somewhere along the way Macee got confused or something because I came around the house to Macee squatting on the peoples back porch. OOPS!!! hahahaha that's my girl!!