Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blogging again!!!

my superstar!! with mascara on!!
as you can see she was the smallest in her class.

Macee and Kwynn making cookies!!

she finally can do a bridge

Race loves the vacuum

helping daddy vacuum

As you can see we have been having lots of fun. Macee had her first recital and did great!! We were really proud of her she was so cute!! They did a cheer and then they had a little dance. She was really hoping they would do a bridge in the dance since she can finally do it. Race is finally helping with cleaning up around the house he loves chasing the vacuum. Poor little Race has had fever and has been throwing up on me. I hope nobody else has been going through this it is not fun, and I'm sure it wasn't in the deal I signed when I brought him home. Macee almost never pukes. Oh well I guess I will still love him.
I am still loving my job, and the pay!! Quentin is still selling coke out on the streets haha!! He is still working for coke and I think he really likes it, but there are bad days and good days just like with any other job. He has gotten a few new accounts this year that should really boost his sales which in turn boost my shopping habits, he thinks I'm crazy that I don't even know what a savings account is!! Silly boy who has those?? I just got teeth whitening trays, and I am whitening my teeth as I type. I am what some people call a multi-tasker!! Other than that we have been up to the same things just staying really busy.
My goal is to post once a week let's see how I do!!

The big 3

I can't beleive it has been 3 weeks since I posted. Shame on me we have had a few things go on, when Race falls alseep for a nap I will post for sure!! I am soooooo sorry!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Grandma Kerry and Grandpa Chris

We almost didn't get to go to Grandma Kerry's house this year. We had a blizzard and the roads were terrible. We took the truck and had no problems, thank you 4 wheel drive. All of my moms family was there so it was really fun for the kids to play with each other. We even got to see Shelby which by the way is beautiful she looks like a little doll!! We love her and want her to move closer to us hint hint!! Mom and Dad of course spoiled the kids with toys and tons of clothes. We are so thankful to have a wonderful extended family on my mom's side we get to see them all the time and are so close to them it makes it really nice. Our kids love to play, and to watch the older ones play with the little ones is awesome. We are so happy that we will have 2 new additions next year, Erika if you hurry we can have 3 haha!! Oh yeah none of these additions are me by the way!! Thank you everyone for everything!!

Grandpa Dave and Lisa

We used to go to Daves house for Christmas Eve, but with 2 kids and dogs and cats it got too hard to be away for that long. So now Dave and Lisa get a room at the Red Lion here in Pocatello and we go out to eat and go swimming at the hotel. It is alot of fun for the kids to play in the pool although this year they had just replaced the heater core and it was cold. After sitting in the hot tub for a while Nick dared me to jump in the pool so being dumb I did, no WE did!! It was about 70 degrees but it was freakin cold!! Macee thought she was brave too so she hopped right in with us!! Brave little woman!! We got lots of fun new things!! We had breakfast at our house on Christmas morning, then we all went on our way!! Thanks guys!!

Christmas at Grandma Lindas and Papa Chuck

We always have "Christmas" the Sunday before the actual Christmas at Linda and Chucks house. They do a great job at spoiling us every year!! Linda made breakfast and as always it was delicious. Macee got 2 wipe off books to help her learn her ABC's, a new helmet, a video game system for kids (it's like a Wii but it teaches her ABC's), clothes and lots of little treasures that she loves. Race got a Noisy Table that teaches in Spanish and English, some clothes and lots of little treasures. Quentin and I got a Volcano with legs for our Dutch ovens, and some treasures. By the way I am calling them "treasures" cause there's lots of little things that I can't remember.
We had a great time as always. Thank You very much!!

I haven't forgot!!

So I haven't got my Christmas pictures up yet. I am going to try to get to it today!! My kids make it hard for me to blog sometimes. Hopefully Race will take a good long nap. I have tonz of pictures to share with everyone and all of our Christmas parties.