Sunday, October 25, 2009

Macee is 5!!

Ok so maybe I should get the "mother of the year" award again!! My baby girl turned 5 and I didn't even blog about it :( Oh man I love that little sweetie (even though she frustrates me sometimes)!! She is such a sweet spirit in our home and I thank her for that, because her brother is far from that!! haha Macee has been wanting her ears pierced so stinking bad we finally decided to do it and can I tell you she loves it!! She is doing great in preschool and keeps making friends, not that it's hard for her........but she want to have play dates everyday!! Here are some pictures of my sweetheart!! Happy Birthday Magoo!!!

(I promise I'll try to get better about blogging again!!)

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Yeah so i guess it's been a while since I have posted. My life has been crazy!! Macee is going to school and loves it (pre-school)!! She is my social bug for sure. I just hope that it won't be social time for her and she will actually learn!! (that's what I did.....friends are important haha) She is so excited for her birthday and it's sneeking right up on us. She is so excited to get her ears pierced and to have big girl earrings just like Kwynn. Race is growing so fast and is starting to talk better although your name is still mom guaranteed. I love it!!! He loves to play horses, trucks, blocks, and he loves to ride his fourwheeler. I am ready for some new favorite books. He loves for me to read to him so we read the same 5 books over and over and over you get the point!! He is definetly all boy but i love when he screams he sounds like a little girl!!! haha It's so cute!! I am ready for fall I have been so grateful for the cooler weather I actually can do stuff now without sweating my butt off!! Quentin is loving football season other than his team is really sucking once again. So my mom bought him a "damn it" doll when you get upset at your team you can basically beat up this doll and I think it's ok to yell damn it while doing it!! (just not when the kiddos are around because they will repeat it) It even has the clothes of his team the Buccaneers!! The puppy is doing really well now she is so tiny. we have been giving her littel bits of puppy food now instead of all just soft food so we are getting her ready to sell!! I'll be happy and sad to get rid of her it's been worse than having a newborn!! oh well!! Until next time.......