Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Well not much has been going on here in the Woods home. We are quite boring. Quentin started bowling again a few weeks ago and is loving the team him and Charley put together. They are doing a lot better than his team last year!!! We don't have any new equipment yet but I'm sure there's lots to come since hopefully next year he will go to nationals in Vegas!!! I am still loving my job and time away from the house it's been very nice, although my husbands not that fond of having the kids we need the money so he'll deal with it. Macee is getting more attitude than ever and has been quite the stink lately. I think alot of it is she's sick of being home all the time so I might try to put her in a tumbling class or something like that. Race is quite the tease he started saying mamamama and of course I loved it and it made Quentin mad but now he really likes to say dadadada and not mamamama what a tease. He is scaling everything his favorite trick right now is letting go and standing there mainly because I make a huge deal about it and clap and yell!! Macee wasn't doing any of this crap until she was almost 1, Race is only 9 months I think I'm in for it!!! Sorry there is no pictures this time I am feeling lasy right now and don't want to deal with it. We are getting family pictures maybe next week. So keep checking back I'll at least post pictures from my camera very soon. buh bye!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My little ballerina!!
Kwynn and Macee are sisters. (that's what they will tell you)
Quentin and Nick fixing our $25 fourwheeler.
My little Man!!
How do you say "no" to that face???
Dixie and Race Dawg
Smile for the camera!!!

Well I finally borrowed Chucks camera again hopefully I will get one soon!!! We had fun taking pictures. My original thinking was for the fair but I got a little lazt and since I don't work at a frame shop it was hard to put together this year. But I'm starting now for next year!!! Kids grow up so fast it makes me crazy!! I feel like I haven't taken nearly enough pictures of my kids and even worse labeling them so I know when they were taken!!! I'm so excited it has started cooling down a little, mainly so I can get out new clothes for the kids (thanks mom) and for myself. I hope you all had a fun summer like us now onto fall get out your leaves and pumpkins!!!!