Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I love these hats!! I want one in each color!! Found it on Etsy.

It's that time of year again and I'm so ready for it!! I love Fall it is by far my favorite time of year!! I get to start wearing clothes that normal people wear and not sweating profusely!! With that it also means its time for some new family pictures. Don't get me wrong I love pictures of my family, but I hate all pictures of me. Oh well!! I love hanging pictures of my family in my home that is what keeps me going most days!! I love that I can get out some hot apple cider and I can start thinking about Christmas. I LOVE LOVE LOVE FALL!!!!! It tis by far the best time of year. Don't get me wrong I like Spring too, but it seems as though we don't really get it here in Idaho anymore. I think all we get here during Spring is rainy days and I get super depressed. Summer is too hot unless I'm at the swimming pool and it could quite easily brake the bank!! So I welcome Fall with open arms and I get to start functioning like a regular person. Although I do loss my husband this time of year that is something I'm willing to do!! hahahaha I hate watching football on tv and that is one of his favorite things to do. I'll go watch them in real life because I can people watch with the best of them, I love to cheer real loud, and act crazy. HELLO FALL!!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


This is by far one of my most favorite blogs!! She inspires me to be a better person. We all have our trials and mine seem so small compared to hers, but she lives her life to the fullest and takes it one step at a time. She enjoys life. That is one of my new goals to try not to sweat the small stuff. You can find her story in the October 2010 Parents magazine. I read her blog so much I feel like she's my family. I feel like I could pick up the phone and carry on a conversation. I LOVE IT!! Go check it out!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Macee graduated from preschool in May and I'm finally putting up pictures I know!! ahh life gets busy. So I decided that since she is gone today and had her first day at Kindergarten I would post about one door closing and another one opening. Macee loves school so much and I hope it keeps up, though if history repeats itself she will maybe be there for social reasons only like her mom and dad!! hahahah oops!! Macee loved going to preschool, but she was excited to ride the bus and go to Kindergarten with the older kids. She even gets to ride the bus with one of her best friends that is is first grade!! What a lucky girl. She is in full day 2 days one week and 3 full days the next. She has been so excited about her skinny jeans she can barely handle herself she even has new black boots to wear with them. She has quite a few kids from our neighborhood in her class so I'm sure she'll do just fine with out mom and Race all day. Although I'm not sure race and mom will do so well. It has been a long day already!! grr Oh well I'm going to try to get Race into storytime at the library so that should be quite fun!! Well feels like fall is right around the corner and I'm sooooo Happy about that!! Yay here's to kindergarten and hoping it goes smooth!!

Island Park/Yellowstone

We went to Island Park and Yellowstone for Lbor Day weekend. It was the Goodwin Family Reunion. We got to go up a couple days early and stay in a cabin that was really nice. My brother Tosh flew in from Chicago for the weekend and it was fun to hang out with him. Macee and Race were so excited to have big sleepovers in the cabin with lots of cousins. We got to see lots of Buffalo and Elk/Deer (I don't really know the difference!!) Quentin was able to catch his first fish from a boat out on Henry's Lake so he was pretty excited!! We had a lot of fun and i hope we can do something like this every summer. I have the best family around!!