Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Birthday little man!!!

I can't believe it's already been 2 BIG years!! Poor boy he always gets teh shaft for his birthday because it's so close to Christmas. Once again I didn't really plan a birthday party for him. His birthday sneeks up on me and before I know it I can't really do anything!! He is such a wild little boy he keeps me on my toes at all times!! I love when it's nap time, I finally get to rest for a few minutes. He sure is a mamma's boy although his dad has become quite important to him. He is such a jabber jaw I just wish I could understand him better!! He loves anything with wheels even though he still would prefer a fourwheeler. He is always yellin "bootball" and then he throws some sort of ball at you usually a hard one I'm pretty sure he has come close to giving me a concussion. He loves to do animal sounds his new favorite is a macaw!! We sure are lucky to have him in our family (but not in my bed) he is so important to us. We love you so much Race Dawg!! Happy birthday!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Keegan vs. Blackfoot

Keegan got a foul!! I told you he was tough!! haha
Representing the Kellers very well!!!

Talking to Coach Coombs.

Keegan is on the varsity this year and I couldn't be more proud of him!! He loves to play Basketball and is quite good. I enjoy watching my cousins play because they are so close to me. I often call them my nieces and nephews and they call me Aunt Tara. We are a very close family. Back to Basketball.......we almost beat Blackfoot we were winning by 1 with 3 seconds left and then we had an oopsy we fouled the other team and they made both shots and we lost. We had some mistakes and poor reffing to say the least. Bummer!! Keegan I am so proud of you buddy thanks for being a great example for my kids they look up to you so much. We can't wait to come watch another game!! We love you!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ok it really has been forever since I've done a real update!! The kids are getting well.....huge!! Race is talking so much and he loves to do animal sounds ALL THE TIME. He is my energizer bunny to say the least. He pulls chairs everywhere so he can reach the stuff I put up high from him. I even have found a chair UPSTAIRS in their room a couple weeks ago!! Really??? He is way different than Macee ever was. He gets into everything and he can't stay out of our Christmas tree to save his life. He finally calls Quentin dad so that makes him very happy that he's not mom anymore!! Macee is still loving preschool and is learning more everyday. I think her favorite part is socializing though......I'm not sure where she got that from ;) !! haha She is really excited that they are having a Christmas program and they are singing she thinks she a superstar!! She had a wonderful birthday and is still very excited about her earrings she shows every stranger that we see. She is such a girl she love to have makeovers with Marlee and my mom. It makes me laugh really hard because usually she comes out looking like she has a black eye not because of them but because of her!! I am still loving my job. I just really wish I could go full time. I haven't been up to too much just trying to get ready for the holidays. I turn 28 in 2 weeks and I'm not sure how I feel about that to be honest. Oh well I guess it's a good thing since everyone else keeps getting older too!! Quentin is still at Coke and for the most part likes his job. He is keeping busy with his snowmachine trying to get it ready for when we actually have snow. He is going to take an avalanche class so that makes me feel better about him going out with his buddies. We are trying to get the motivation to start on our basement but that isn't working out too well so if anyone wants to help us get motivated bring your sledge hammer and we'll put you to work!! I sure hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving I know we did. Happy Holidays!!!