Thursday, July 2, 2009


If you have time Albies is having an awesome sale!! I went today and here is what I got. Sorry no pictures, my dear husband has my camera ahh men!! The sale goes until Tuesday so go stock up on drinks!!

10 boxes of Capri Sun (my kids drink these like water......I've got to go get more)
30 32oz Powerades ( I had a good coupon thanks babe)
2 1.5 quart Breyers ice cream
1 bag of frozen bluberries (for pancakes this weekend not really on sale)
1 pint of cream (for ice cream again not on sale)

Grand Total 32.85
Total Saved 78.00

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

long overdue........

My goofy boy!!

Races out ladies!!

Dad and Dawg swimming at Downata.

Little fish Macee.

The horse by the camp.
Sad girl loving her Bella Bunny.

Dixies "boyfriend" Oscar. Hopefully we'll have pups the second week of August!!

Summitt 2009

CJ getting mud cleaned off by Kylee.

Bridger didn't think I would get a picture of him!! haha

Marlee looking oh so beautiful!!

Whittey taking a bath in the creek.

Kylee bathing in the creek.

The Girls

Keegan drying off.

Wears your shorts dude?? Guess you dont need them when you're camping.

Handsome boy, always going.

Swimming in the warm springs.

Most of the adults on our four wheeler ride.

Uncle Bee and Teresa

The "wild ones"

Uncle Jeff and my dad.

Candace and Nick up on City Creek.
Dirty/funny face Quentin.

Nick and Q talking.

Quentin loves anything that has a motor.

Our tree we cut down this spring.

Beautiful Girl

So cute........nice socks!!

Wild hair!!!

Press on nails she couldn't keep them on because she had to tap on EVERYTHING!!

So nice

Easter egg hunt

Helping daddy find the eggs.

Score!! Macee found lots of eggs.

The Hunter

Easter Sunday. I don't have a picture of Race.....oops!!

I have been in a slum. My everyday schedule out the door. My attitude (excuse my language).....piss poor. I have even been in a blogging slum. I still have pictures from Easter that I have not posted!! What?? Yeah I said it so I thought maybe if I got caught up on my blog a little maybe I can attempt to crawl out of my slum!! I am going to try to caption my pictures so you know what they are about so I don't have to do 50 posts just one long one instead!! haha so here ya go!!