Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ready for something new.....

I am beyond ready for summer or at least spring!! This coming from the girl who sweats more than a.......I don't know something that sweats ALOT!!! haha My kids are sick of being cooped up and they want something new to do. We have a friend over every other Thursday night while his dad bowls with Quentin. So I decided to venture out of my bubble and make homemade playdough. I was so impressed with how easy it was. had a great and easy recipe. I love that website have you ever been?? You should probably go......NOW!! Seriously these women are amazing. I can say that because I know one of them and she is beyond amazing!! Anyways here are some pictures and the recipe!! Once again THANK YOU!!

Here is the recipe:
1c flour
1c water
1/4 c salt
2tsp. cream of tarter
1Tbls. vegetable oil
4 drops food coloring

Mix it together on medium heat. Stir it until a ball forms. Then kneed it until it's smooth and let it cool.

Ok so I have to admit these aren't the exact instructions, but I didn't want to cut and paste it all or type it all!! Have fun!! Go get the exact instructions at

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Hahahahaha anyone that knows my little man knows "he can't like big boy underwear." Guess what he is wearing them today!! It's not going the way I wanted, but I'm hoping he gets sick of peeing his pants every couple hours. So, if anyone has any great potty training advice I would love to hear it!! In the mean time I should probably go change a wet butt or alteast get ready to!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Races Birthday!!

The screen at the bowling alley!!

Cups of dirt and worms

Dustin, Henley, Cole
Amber and Brynlee
George and Treygan
Blurry Henley and Lisa
Lisa and Cole
Amber and Treygan
George and Brynlee

Race got to have a special birthday party this year as well!! We had lots of friends and family there to celebrate with him. He loves the bowling alley so we thought we would go to Tough Guys Lanes!! Everyone had a great time bowling it was a first for alot of the kids. Poor Race had been sick for a week by that time so he wasn't as perky as usual!! I told him that when he turned 3 he had to start wearing big boy underwear. He wasn't having that at all. I tried for a couple of days to have him wear underwear and he would just pee and not even care!! So I guess we will potty train him when he goes to school!! hahaha

Macees Birthday

Eyes closed that is her new thing!!
It makes me crazy because I never know until I get home!! haha
Most of the crew!!
Treygan, Brynlee, and Tyler
Lisa and Cole
Lisa and Henley
Braedon and Tyler
Brynlee and Treygan
Well....... I know Macee turned 6 in October, but atleast I'm getting some pictures up for you to enjoy!! lol We told Macee this year that she could either have a "big party" or she could have presents and friends at our house. She obviously chose wisely because she didn't even know we didn't get her much!! She received lots and lots of gifts from her friends and family that came to the party!! She had such a fun time with all the kids running around and hardly eating anything!! She is so spoiled!! I can't think of a better way to spend your 6th birthday then at Outer Limits!! The theme was going to be zebra and hot pink, but she changed it right before I made the invites to pirates and pink!! What a wild woman!!