Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall Pictures

I took some new pictures of my kids a couple of weeks ago but because I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to post them. I went to one of my favorite spots in Pocatello and as always got some amazing pictures. It was a perfect day and everything just kinda fell into place. I only had a little while to go take pictures, but I knew if I waited I wouldn't get any fall leaves. (I enhanced them a little bit!!) Hope you enjoy!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Still Alive!!

Don't worry about us we are still alive. I have been busy with work and my kiddos and didn't want to take the time to upload pictures and all that jazz. I am getting ready for Macee's 6th birthday we are celebrating with a party at Outer Limits here in Poky! Macee started bowling a few weeks ago and is really liking it (I think Quentin likes it more)!! She has been pretty busy with school and homework and bossing Race around. Race has been busy getting out all the toys and blaming it on sissy even when she has been at school all day, that's a boy for ya!! He has enjoyed when sissy is at school cause he doesn't have to fight with her and gets whatever he wants most days!! He has just started sleeping in his own bed finally!! Quentin is bowling and is actually averaging above 200 again. Last year was not so good for him he struggled all year (it was the first year averaging under 200 since I met him almost 10 years ago.) He has stayed really busy with Coke and is still really liking it. i hate it because he doesn't get home until I have to leave for work. YUK!! Speaking of my work I have been working alot lately which is great since I wanted extra money for my trip to Chicago next week, but it's crazy shifts. Some days I'll work a graveyard then the following day i have to be at work at 6am. So I have been having a hard time sleeping. They are lucky I can function on little sleep because I'm a mom!! We can't wait for Halloween because the kids love it and because that means the HOLIDAYS are here!! yay!! I'm actually doing pretty good this year I haven't gotten out and Christmas CD's yet!! hahahaha