Saturday, March 15, 2008

Macee got tagged thanks Maggs!!! 5 things about Macee.....

1. Macee is very very sassy!! When she walks away from you she wiggles her cute little butt!!!

2. She loves Barbie and Disney Princesses. She even likes Hannah Montana and High School Musical! What is my daughter 8 already???

3. She loves to eat at Senor Iguanas and Butter Burrs. She always has to play "slurpy lurpy" with grandpa Chris and their noodle soup.

4. She loves to be the center of attention. She can entertain a whole room for hours. She dances to everything!! She thinks her little brother loves it too. One day he will I'm sure.

5. She's finally potty trained!! I thought it would never happen!! Thank you Tinkerbell, Cinderella, My Little Ponies, and Dora for being on big girl panties.

Tag anyone who wants to post about their babies. I 'll try to do Race this next week.

Daddy Helping Moo Moo bowl!!!

Dad this ball is soooo heavy!!
This ball came from her aunt Candace it's called the Purrfect. It has a picture of a cute little kitty.

Nice shoes Macee they make you stand flat foot we might have to buy some!!!

Daddy helping get her cool retro shoes on.

Poor Race Dawg after his shots. Poor guy!!

Even after shots he still loves his mommy!!

Macee jumping in on the sideways pic.
Race Dawg in his Racer shirt!! how stinkin cute is he.

We had quite the week. Race dawg had to go to the Dr. He now weighs 12.2 lbs. He's gained 5 lbs. Ahhh!!! he's growing way too fast. Macee had a fun playdate this week and she also had school. Something that she can't wait to do more often!!! She loves it now but when she's 10 I'm sure she'll do some whining and complaining I know I did. As you have seen in the pictures Macee went bowling tonight she had so much fun. She bowled a whopping 74!! Way to go Moo!! Better yet dad didn't yell at you!! (I don't bowl because of that!!!) If I haven't said it yet I love being mom. My kids are amazing!! That's all for now. I will hopefully post more next week!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

So I just wanted to get on and tell everyone hello!!! I ordered a new stroller for my kids and can I tell you I got it the very next day and it had FREE shipping!!! ahhh I love it!! It's a sit and stand one so it doesnt seem as big as a double stroller but now Macee will have freedom to get in and out!!! It also turns really good I took it out for a walk right after I put it together to make sure I would like it and I am very impressed!!! Also I wanted everyone to know I started my spring cleaning!!! Let's see if I can actually get it done this year!!! We have some remodeling we want to do so I need to declutter bad!!! Part of our clutter is Macees 21 Barbies 6 Bratz 5 Kens and her 7 Kelly dolls thank you mom!!! Im too lazy to post pictures today so sorry Beef you'll have to wait til next time.