Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kylee Senior Pics

We went out last night to do some pictures of Kylee because drum roll please............she's a SENIOR!!! ahh where does time go?? I'll never know!! I'm not a professional so don't judge too hard!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dixie cont.......

Ok so that story was bad.......but it gets worse, way worse or better however you want to look at it. So as we were burying the dogs this morning we thought we heard Race outside so I ran around the house in the park cause that's where he goes. Well while running in the park I jumped over another puppy.......What??? Yep it's true. So I yelled to Quentin and he went to look at it. It was alive.......Holy Schmoly!!!! Yes folks it's true, we have one puppy ALIVE!!!! (note this was 2 days later that she had it, the vet was shocked) Dixie was trying to take care of it but we don't trust her with it so we will be bottle feeding it. I don't know what you call it lucky, a miracle, or just plain wild!!! It seems to be doing great and Macee and Race are so happy. Everywhere we go Macee tells everyone that gets close enough!!! So hopefully this pup stays healthy I'm not sure how much more heartache my little family can take.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Oh man what a life I have. Dixie had her puppies.......they are all dead here's the story. At 3:30 in the morning on Thursday Macee came screaming to me that she had a squirrel in her bed. (haha kinda funny right) Well when I finally came to I realized Dixie was having her puppies. I woke up Quentin to have him help me I felt like somthing was wrong. That's when Shiz hit the fan!!! The one we found in teh hallway was still in the sack and dead the one on Macee's bed was crying and doing fine. So we tended to them and I tried really hard to get the dead one to come back i rubbed it and tried to get it warm......nothing so I wrapped it up and put it in a box. I went to get Macee's sheets off of her bed and found another one in it's sack dead. By this point I'm wreck literally. I kept thinking why didn't Dixie do anything??? They both were looking pretty gross (I won't go into detail it was gross trust me.) So we all went back to bed around 5. Well at 10:30 that morning I opened the door downstairs and she had just had another one......yep dead!! ahhhh ok did I mention I was a wreck?? So the day went on and I helped Dixie feed the one that was alive she did ok but not great. I was getting ready for work and just leaving when she pulled one from underneath my bed WHAT?????? YUK!!!!!! DEAD!!!!!! So she had 5. Not to bad if they were all alive. Today I went out and got some groceries and when I got home I went down to check on the puppy and to see if I could get Dixie to feed him. She did good, but started to get aggressive with it. I told her "no" and kind of pushed her away. I ran upstairs to go use the restroom, then I had decided I was going to take care of the puppy because I din't want anything to happen to it. I went back down not 2 minutes later and Dixie killed it........WTF????? AHHHHHH I lost it I was a mess I kicked Dixie out and haven't looked at her since. So now in the box there will be all 5 puppies. (yeah gross that we didn't burry them yet I was waiting for Quentin and we both got busy with the kids and work) So here I sit trying to figure out why. I called the vet and she said it was probably hormones making her aggressive and that when the dog squeeked she thought of it as a toy, like a cat and mouse type thing, or maybe she thought it was sick, or maybe just pissed off. The vet told me that I needed to get her fixed because it could happen again. Ahhhh darn dog. I hope I can get over this trauma so I can love her again because as of right now I'm so mad I want her gone.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Big Springs.......

Yes he has a harness on.....I wasn't in the mood to float Big Springs!!!
A bat that was on the fence around Big Springs.

4th of July

We haven't gotten to do lots this summer (lack of funds) but we've gotten to do enough. We went to Big Springs for the day with Dave and Lisa in July and had a picnic. We also had a great time at my moms and the Keller Kompound on the 3rd and 4th of July.

Ross Park!!

Krae my friend Ashlees little guy!!
Cole my friend Lisas little man!!

We actually only made it to Ross Park a few times this year. We try to go once a week but Race is not really fun to take anywhere because he is such a busy body. He loves the water but he loves to run even more!!! Why did we name him Race again????? Macee is becoming a little fish she absolutely loves the water. Hopefully next year we can get back on track with the once a week deal!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

8 long years.........

Happy Anniversary baby!! It's been 8 LONG years!! haha I am so lucky to have my husband he is so good to us. I thought I would list 8 things we have done together in these 8 years.

1. We have lived in 2 places. 1 home and 1 very ghetto apartment!!
2. We have had numerous vehicles. Toyota Tercel, Pontiac Grand Am, Ford Explorer, Pontiac Grand Prix (current), Chevy 2500 (current).
3. 2 Amazing children. Macee (4) Race (1).
4. We've both put on a few pounds.......me more than him!!! Yikes!!!
5. Jobs Quentin- Coca Cola numerous different position but same company our whole marriage!! Tara-Nanny for Dr. Wathne, Crafts and Frames, Idaho Central Credit Union, Sierras, The Gallows and currently District 6 Juvenile Detention Center.
6. 3 animals 1 dog Dixie, 2 cats Jazmyn and Blackjack. (Jazmyn is going to a new home today though).
7. We have picked up a new sport that we both love to watch......MMA fighting.
8. Ok that last one was a stretch......we're pretty boring people!!! We are kinda home bodies because we are poor but we love to be together with our families and go camping or just hang out.

Thanks for 8 great years baby I can't wait to spend forever together!! I love you so much!! I couldn't find any good pictures from our wedding one of my discs is missing I've gotta get organized!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Whoever is in charge of this blog needs to get her butt in gear!!! No really!!! Sorry to all of my readers........(mom) I will try to get my act together this week!!! I really have lots to post about but I keep finding myself doing other things instead!!!