Tuesday, July 5, 2011

weekend of the fourth

We had a great Fourth of July. We were so busy I'm not even sure if we had a chance to sleep. We startd out by going to the farmers market in Idaho falls where Quentins dad has a business that does produce and we went and suprised him. After we walked around with our friends Amber and George and their 2 kiddos we went to lunch and then did some shopping. Later that evening we went to Amber's parents house kind of on a whim and the kids played in the water. Saturday night we watched the MMA fights at my parents house and then went home to rest for a few hours. Sunday we went swimming with our friends Cliff and Trudi and Trudi's boys Kai and Kaleo. We all got some color but not too bad! We woke up early on Monday to go fishing with Cliff and Trudi and the kids. We spent lots of time out in the sun and decided to go home after the guys caught 7 fish. We went back to our house and got things ready for a big BBQ and fireworks that night. We had such a great time and enjoy spending quality time with all of our friends! I hope we get to do some more fun stuff outside this summer.

fourth of july weekend!!