Thursday, February 28, 2008

race dawg trying to touch the bottom of his exersaucer!!
macee has to be in the picture of course!!
race dawg at 8 weeks old hes getting way too big!!
macees favorite place to be lately in the corner for a timeout!! oh i love that little bum!!

So we've all been fighting colds this week I thought for sure I was going to die on Wednesday. Thankfully I didn't cause we all know my house couldn't run with Quentin in charge. haha I love you babe. I keep getting in trouble by certain people that I'm not updating enough. I really do try but my kids seem to need me when I walk down the stairs to the computer. Macee got very spoiled this week she got a Highsical Musical doll that sings and talks it's now her favorite barbie. She also got Barbie Mariposa movie that came out on Tuesday. She's spoiled rotten I tell ya. As for Race Dawg he didn't get anything new but I did box up all his 0-3 month clothes and wash all his 3-6 month clothes he's growing way to fast. I don't really remember Macee doing all the things Race does. Maybe she didn't do them as early because she was so tiny. He loves to jump up and down in my lap and I think he shouldn't be doing this already. Well I probably should go get dinner started and tend to my kiddos. At least I can say I updated this week!!! haha Beef and Mom!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

So today I have been mostly playing barbies I think that Moo misses that alot. As far as Valentines goes I have a rib roast that I took out like 2 days ago and it is still like a brick so I wont be making prime rib so I guess we will have to have some pasta or something. Oh well!! I hope all you little love birds have a great Valentines.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

So I have decided I am going to throw out all of Macees shirts and jam jams because grandma Kerry got her a new Hannah Ontanna shirt and jam jams and that is all she wants to wear. Yesterday Moo Moo had a playdate and they got into a little trouble they colored all over her cream colored carpet with crayons. So the crayons got taken away and she hid one and colored on a rubbermaid tote today!! Who would think to hide a crayon then color with it the very next day only a 3 year old!!! So since Moo got a playdate Race Dawg wanted one too so he got to play with Cole my friend Lisas little boy. They didnt get into near as much trouble but Cole had to go get his 2 month shots after sorry Cole, but hes doing good. Those darn immunizations!! We posted some new pics I hope you like them!!
Macee and her little brother Race. They are both dressed like animals haha how funny!!
Race after his blessing on Superbowl Sunday!!

Cole and Race having their own little playdate.

My own little Hannah Ontana.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


So I finally figured it out thanks to Stef!!! I will try to be a better blogger!!! Macee is still loving Race Dawg so much it's pretty funny because she hardly ever calls him Race it's always Baby Race, Race Eli Woods or Race Dawg. She keeps telling us when she gets bigger like mommy shes going to have a baby in her tummy and then she asks me if im going to have another baby because my tummy is still big. Having 2 kids is out of control if you only have one right now you might want to keep it that way. Okay not really but it's way harder. So we think Race is about 10 pounds now he's growing like a weed.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Still retarded!!!

Ahhh!!! So I'm still dumb I can't figure out how to have friends and stuff like that I guess I'm going to have to get in touch with good old Beef (Stefanie Collins)!! I thought this would be easy. Oh well I guess I should just stick with what I know.

So Macee says the funniest things to me. Macee told me today that she wants me to have a baby girl in my tummy like Beef and Erika. She also told me that she just wanted me to have 1 so i guess she will be sad when she doesn't get her request. Sorry Moo Moo!! Can I just tell you how amazing being a mom is. I secretly love when Race is crying when Quentin is holding him and then as soon as he gives him to me he stops. It's probably because I am the one that smells like sour milk oh well. Well I have been trying to clean (Beef don't laugh) so I better get to it while I feel like it!!