Wednesday, February 13, 2008

So I have decided I am going to throw out all of Macees shirts and jam jams because grandma Kerry got her a new Hannah Ontanna shirt and jam jams and that is all she wants to wear. Yesterday Moo Moo had a playdate and they got into a little trouble they colored all over her cream colored carpet with crayons. So the crayons got taken away and she hid one and colored on a rubbermaid tote today!! Who would think to hide a crayon then color with it the very next day only a 3 year old!!! So since Moo got a playdate Race Dawg wanted one too so he got to play with Cole my friend Lisas little boy. They didnt get into near as much trouble but Cole had to go get his 2 month shots after sorry Cole, but hes doing good. Those darn immunizations!! We posted some new pics I hope you like them!!

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Megan said...

I just found your blog through Stef's...and I must say, your kiddos are quite adorable! I love that Macee will only wear Hannah Montanna...because Alyvia well only wear DORA!! haha Crazy kids!!