Tuesday, February 12, 2008


So I finally figured it out thanks to Stef!!! I will try to be a better blogger!!! Macee is still loving Race Dawg so much it's pretty funny because she hardly ever calls him Race it's always Baby Race, Race Eli Woods or Race Dawg. She keeps telling us when she gets bigger like mommy shes going to have a baby in her tummy and then she asks me if im going to have another baby because my tummy is still big. Having 2 kids is out of control if you only have one right now you might want to keep it that way. Okay not really but it's way harder. So we think Race is about 10 pounds now he's growing like a weed.

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Collins Crew said...

Yeeeaaaaayah, you figured it out! Im so proud of you T! call me if you need anymore help! oh and yes you better be a more consistant blogger! luv ya. stef