Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Here is our friends little boy Braedon (Macee says it's her boyfriend)
West Yellowstone at the car show. Parker and Macee.
Daddy swimming at the pool at the clubhouse in Island Park. (wow he's white)
Matt and Parkey Man in the hot tub.
Macee petting the deer at Bear World.
Macee riding the pony at her friend Brynlees party.

As you can see I can post pics again!!! yipee!!! Life is crazy right now it's fair time!!! ahhh!!! Quentin doesn't have as much to do just watch the kids at night but I still work 10 hour days for them selling the wristbands. Oh well I really want a new camera and some new clothes so I have to buck up and do it. My job is still going really well. I really enjoy it because most of the time I get hours pretty fast. But I have turned down a few because lack of sleep in between shifts. Race is standing on everything, no really everything!!! Infact we have many bumps and bruises to prove it. Right now he has a big scab from hitting the coffee table, he hit his gums and was bleeding last week, oh yeah and he rolled of the bed!!! Somedays I wonder if I will survive a boy he is not scared of anything. I even found him crawling up the stairs.

As I'm sure most of you heard my great grandma died last week she will be missed but she was definetly ready to go my great grandpa died 1 month before I was born so shes been alone for almost 27 years. She had lots of family with her but I'm sure it's not quite the same. We love you granny goodwin.


Angie said...

Braedon looks so thrilled!! I don't know why he has to be so shy with things. I know he had a blast riding the pony!!!

Erika and family said...

IT's about time you posted something new!!! I was getting bored TARA!!! I am sure we will see you at the fair. I should be around next week if you need someone to watch your kids while you do the fair thing. You know you love it!!! Get prepared for Mullet counting!!!!!!

Terry & Brandy said...

I think Race looks totally like you. Way cute pictures. I am with you there with the bumps and bruises, Andrew is walking along chairs, and tables and couches and everything, running into corners. Glad your job is still going well. We might be in pocy in october I think the 9-10th if you will be around for a visit.

Collins Crew said...

oh T, sorry to hear about your grandma. But wow, without her sweet heart for 27 years is a long time. Glad to hear your liking your job. I totally can relate on Race-Dawg being injured all the time. Not a day goes by the Muggs does have a new bruise on her head or a fat finger from slamming it in a drawer. hah. dang little kids are so accident prone. Infact she pulled the whole freakin high chair down on top of her this morning- pinned her to the ground- I was cracking up over it for some sick reason. Anyway- love ya call me later. I have some funny stories for ya.

Charity Smith said...

Hey Tara It's Charity from Crafts and Frames like forever ago!! How are you I haven't seen you seen Macee was a baby! I seen you on Kyra's blog and was excited to find both of you!! We have a private blog but if you want to see my two monsters email me her_hemi@yahoo.com