Friday, November 11, 2011

1st Grade

1st grade!! Ahh Where does time go? Macee is in first grade and she couldn't be more excited. That girl loves school so much, we just hope it stays like that. Her teacher is Mrs. Payne. Mrs. Payne is actually a friend of my mother in laws. She usually teaches 2nd grade, but because of the increase of kids she moved down to help 1st grade this year. Hopefully next year she will move back to 2nd grade. We LOVE her!! Macee actually went to the first day and was supposed to have a different teacher and Mrs. Payne stopped her and told her she was in her class. In her class they do a system that when you are on good behavior or help with something you get a coin. Well Macee had done really well and told me that she really wanted a Barbie that was in the "store". I told Mace to save until she had enough coins and to not spend her coins on silly things. Well 3 weeks into school she had enough to by the Barbie. The other kids in her class were dying that she got the Barbie, they had been buying little things every week and not saving. Macee was super proud of her accomplishment. We are proud too Mace!! Keep up the good work!!

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sarefamily said...

how is she growing up so fast???? Seriously!!!!