Tuesday, October 14, 2008


She says the one on the left is daddy and the one on the right is mommy. What do you think??

We got this cute little set of faces from grandma Kerry about a month ago. I think every day Macee has asked if we can go get a pumpkin to put these on. Well grandpa Dave came to the rescue. He brought us these beautiful pumpkins from his house. When we first got the set Macee was convinced that there was a pumpkin in the package because there was a picture of one on it. What a goofball I have!! Race did help us with this project, well I am not sure I would call it help actually more like interfere and make sissy mad, and then chew on the stem. Oh well it's done and I think they will have to go on the highest shelf in the house so they will get left alone. In a week or so I think we will probably carve them but til then this is what you get.
Happy Halloween!!

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Angie said...

I keep forgetting to call you- but yes we will see you on Saturday!